The difference between waterproof connector and plastic connector

Waterproof connector structure is generally divided into: metal contact conductor and shell metal.
Differences between metal and plastic (nylon ta66) shell:

1. Mechanical life
The mechanical life of waterproof connector refers to the life of plugging times, and the industry standard usually stipulates 500-1000 times. When the specified mechanical life is reached, the contact resistance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage of waterproof connector shall not exceed the specified standard value, which is not different between metal shell and plastic shell.  

2. Electrical performance
According to the rated current of plastic insulation, the rated value of contact resistance is the same as that of metal insulation.  

3. Environmental parameters
The main environmental parameters are environmental temperature, humidity, temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosive environment. The environment of waterproof connector in the process of use, storage and transportation has a significant impact on its performance, so it is better to select the corresponding metal shell according to the actual environmental conditions.  

4. Termination mode
The termination mode refers to the connection mode between the metal contacts of male and female joints of waterproof connector and wires and cables. Metal is the same as plastic. Divide it

Welding, crimping and winding pierced screw
Comprehensive analysis shows that there is little difference between metal and nylon ta66 plastic shell except for shielding function of joint. Compared with metal shell, plastic shell has lower cost and more reasonable structure.