How to improve the product quality of wiring terminal

The terminal has a history of more than one hundred years, and some big brands such as Phoenix Contact and Weidmuller have appeared in the world. The reliable quality of brand terminal is an important factor for customers to choose, but the long cycle is also one of the inevitable problems. Domestic terminal manufacturers started late, the development system is not perfect, although a number of enterprises have emerged, but the quality and technology need to be studied. In the process of internationalization, domestic terminals gradually go out of the country. If the enterprise wants to go more firm and long, get the recognition of international customers, improve product quality and reduce the rate of defective products, it is necessary.

Manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to the following three standards to help avoid quality problems. The time aspect of engagement is, of course, cross regional to help ensure that product quality in the global supply chain does not become an issue:

1. Continuous assessment. Risk and compliance need to be managed on an ongoing basis in extended business relationships, but often these relationships are only scrutinized at the beginning. This is not insurable, risk should be continuously assessed throughout the life cycle of the business relationship, so it is important to ensure that all processes are in place and can be continuously assessed. These risks will vary from partner to partner and should be considered accordingly. They also need an ongoing assessment of legal and regulatory issues in different markets, not just the market where the company is located. The most important thing is to solve the problems as soon as possible. When all relationships are difficult to handle, if they are allowed to exist, they may eventually become serious accidents.

2. Work with standards and testing organizations. Cooperation with product related testing and standardization organizations is like giving the product a preventive shot in advance: it ensures that the terminal products meet international and domestic standards, and that the sooner a specific trading partner country gets involved, the better. It should be considered to start cooperation with these organizations at the design stage. Finally, don't forget to deal with the standards and test organizations of the country or region where the enterprise is located.

3. technology. It is highly recommended to consider the use of technology to achieve closed-loop quality of all manufacturing equipment in the network. When they are effectively integrated into a closed-loop quality process, events in any enterprise source can be monitored actively, so that the quality management system can identify potential problems before they occur. Enterprise sources that need to be monitored include supplier issues, manufacturing non-compliance, complaints, services and audits (local and global).

Introducing production equipment, improving production process, connecting quality management system with MES, adopting Six Sigma Theory and other quality schemes, implementing lean production, abiding by company and industry regulations, continuously improving product quality and reducing the probability of defective products are the reference means for domestic terminal enterprises to improve product quality.