Wire to Wire connection method

Wire to Wire refers to the connection of wires at both ends of the connector, including air docking, also known as free hanging type, and panel installation. It refers to the connection of wires with fixed terminals at one end, that is, line to line connection. Connectors are very humble in our life. You may not find them, but they are always around us, such as mobile phones, liquid crystal displays, laptops, digital products and so on. Electronic devices in our life, such as microwave ovens, air conditioners, ice boxes and so on, open them and you will see many kinds of connectors. They perform their respective duties, Make the equipment work normally.
Line to line connection, in fact, is very common in life. High technology is also inseparable from the electronic industry, inseparable from the connector. There are also a large number of high-precision connectors in the equipment. It seems ordinary, but in fact, the processes involved are very complicated. In the face of intelligent devices, a small mistake in the connection can lead to significant consequences and serious losses, so for connector production, we must keep improving in order to win more markets.