Changjiang connector exhibition live

The November 13, 2018 electronic conference will be opened in Munich Exhibition Center, Germany. Changjiang Connector took part in the electronic exchange meeting as scheduled, demonstrated the solution of electronic internal connection system, consolidated the existing cooperative relationship, and excavated a large number of potential customers, which laid the foundation for the development of foreign markets.
The line-up of this exhibition is still very lively. Thousands of brands, tens of thousands of spectators and 14,300 square meters of display area not only witness the development of electronic components, but also show the momentum of development of electronic components. With the development of electronic connectors, it is self-evident that the market competition is fierce. Many brands are quietly aging and many emerging brands are quietly rising.
Based on the current domestic and international market situation, the Changjiang connector takes this professional platform to show the strength of the Changjiang connector production and solutions to the global electronic connector industry. At the exhibition, the staff of Changjiang Connector gathered practical wisdom and explained the application of information technology, which brought new inspiration for the continuous innovation and faster development of Changjiang Connector.