Selection of connector

The shape of connector varies greatly. Users mainly choose from the straight, curved, outer diameter of wire or cable and the fixed requirements, volume, weight, whether to connect metal hose, etc. for the connector used on the panel, they also need to choose from the beauty, shape, color, etc.

The environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, temperature sudden change, atmospheric pressure and corrosive environment. The environment in which the connector is used, stored and transported has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding connector must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.

The metal and insulation materials of the ambient temperature connector determine the working ambient temperature of the high current connector. High temperature will destroy the edge material, resulting in the decrease of insulation resistance and withstand voltage; for metal, high temperature can make the contact pair lose elasticity, accelerate oxidation and lead to coating deterioration. Generally, the ambient temperature is - 55 ~ 100 ℃, which may be higher in special occasions.

Humidity burst test is to simulate the actual use of large current connector equipment in cold environment into warm environment, or to simulate the rapid change of environmental temperature of spacecraft and detector. Sudden change in temperature may cause cracks or delamination of insulating materials.

When the atmospheric pressure is at a high altitude with thin air, the plastic emits gas to pollute the contact pairs, which increases the tendency of corona generation, decreases the withstand voltage performance, and causes the short circuit fault of the circuit. When a certain value is reached at high altitude, the properties of plastics become worse. Therefore, when using the unsealed connector at high altitude, it is necessary to reduce the rating.

Corrosion environment according to the different use of corrosion environment of high current connector, choose the corresponding metal, plastic, coating structure connector, such as the connector used in salt spray environment, if there is no corrosion-resistant metal surface, the performance will rapidly deteriorate. It is not suitable to use connectors with silver plated contact pairs in SO2 environment with considerable concentration. In hot and humid areas, mold is also an important problem.

Termination mode refers to the connection mode between the contact pair of high current connector and wire or cable. It is also an important aspect of using and selecting connectors to choose proper termination method and technology.