Connector harness processing | shielded electronic wire

Wiring harness processing, often encounter the processing of electronic shielding wire, then let's understand the electronic shielding wire. The shielded electronic wire is a transmission line with a conductor envelope outside the conductor, which is called the shielded wire. The encapsulated conductor is called the shielding layer, which is usually hand woven copper wire mesh or copper (aluminum). The shielding layer must be grounded, and the electromagnetic interference of outsiders can be led into the ground by this layer

1. The ground wire of the shielded electronic wire should not be broken, it should be rolled into a strand.

2. The ground wire should be as short as possible.

3. The ground wire of shielded electronic wire must be firmly grounded, and the grounding resistor should be small.

4. The shielding layer of the shielded electronic wire is not suitable to be peeled too long.

5. Only one end of the shielded electronic wire is grounded, not both sides.

6. The best ground wire is a heat shrinkable sleeve.

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