Is the selection of electronic connector difficult?

Although there are many manufacturers of electronic connectors and their products have detailed specifications, it is still difficult to provide suitable products for predetermined circuits or systems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the following knowledge content of electronic connector products.

Is it difficult to select electronic connector products? Changjiang connectors will take you to learn how to select the type.

1. Connection mode: the first step in selecting an electronic connector may be to define the purpose of the connector product, such as board end to board end, line end to circuit board end, line end to line end (air connection), etc.

2. Electrical performance requirements: the current required by the connector will tend to control many overall characteristics. The low current connector is usually different from the connector process required to carry high current, and the current carried by the connector is one of the important elements to select the connector. If large current levels are envisaged, certain types of connectors will be appropriate, and these connectors tend to be larger in size, and more sophisticated connectors can be used when small current levels are required.

3. Space and structure requirements: the available shape and space of the connector also depend on the design scheme structure of the whole product, and the spacing size, size and height of the connector will be affected.

4. Application environment requirements: environmental requirements can play an important role in the selection of any connector. Many connectors are only suitable for benign environment, while other connectors may need to meet the application environment of temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion resistance, etc.

5. Requirements for operation under different conditions: in the special operation of some equipment, long-term sealed and waterproof connectors are needed to reduce the impact of moisture and meet the waterproof standard, which need to be considered as part of the selection decision-making process