Connector special metal plating

Electronic connector is an important part in the electronic components. It can be found that most of the connectors have a very special plating. So what is the special meaning of connector plating? The connector contact plating is required because it is not only reduces corrosion in the environment, increase  durability and wear resistance to the connector, but also assists in establishing and maintaining robust connector impedance from an electrical perspective. Specific performance is as follows:

(1) It is helpful to improve the mechanical function

The parameters related to mechanical function are the primary factors affecting the durability of the plating may wear and combining ability. If these elements are considered, there will be two different views under the same fundamental role, that is, the sharing of cold welding of multi-contact interface in the relative motion process. The most important mechanical functions include hardness, ductility, and the friction coefficient of the plating material. These characteristics depend on the connotative nature of the plating materials and the working process used, so the connector plating is very important.

(2) Corrosion protection

The first thing to think about for connectors is corrosion maintenance. Nowadays, Base material of most electrical connector contact is made from copper alloy, and copper alloy is the most easily corroded in typical electrical connector operation environment, such as oxidation and vulcanization. In fact, the contact plating is used to close contact with shrapnel and the working environment, thereby separating, to avoid copper corrosion. Of course, the plating materials also need to be in the working environment to ensure that they are not harmed (at least to the extent that they are harmful).

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