How to choose automobile harness connector plug?

The plug of automobile harness connector can also be called the plug base, and the connector plug is used as the electromechanical component to connect the electrical circuit. Due to the variety and wide application of connector plug, the correct selection of connector plug is also an important aspect of improving plug reliability.


What are the connection forms of connector plug? 

1. Screw connection: it is often used for connector plugs with larger size contacts and working in strong vibration environment. This connection form can be installed with a fuse to prevent loosening after the connection is completed. The connection is reliable, but the connection speed is slow. 

2. Bayonet connection mode: it is a reliable and rapid connection and separation mode. Most of the electrical connectors connected by the card 121 have correct connection and locking visual display, which can be observed from the hole on the side of the connecting nut of the electrical connector. 

3. Plug in connection mode: it is a multi-purpose connection mode. When the plug and socket of the electrical connector are connected and separated, their moving direction is usually reciprocating linear motion, which does not need to be twisted and rotated, and only needs a small working space to complete the connection and removal. Common plug-in connection has two structures of ball or pin. Because there is no mechanical force saving mechanism in this connection form, once it is inserted by mistake, the mechanical resistance will obviously increase and it can be found in time. 

4. Cabinet connection mode: it is used for the electrical connector on some equipment close to the frame that needs blind connection, which can make the electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This kind of connection makes the operator unable to feel the connection, so it is necessary to design a positioning device to avoid connecting the misinserted connector plug forcibly and making it impossible to misplug. The connector plug usually adopts floating or elastic contact design structure to ensure its correct connection. 

Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector plug itself are the first issues to be considered when choosing the connector plug. The correct selection and use of connector plug is an important aspect to ensure the reliability of the circuit. The plug is widely used in all kinds of electrical circuits, and plays the role of connecting or disconnecting the circuit. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to improve the reliability of the connector plug. Only through the joint efforts of the manufacturer and the user, can the plug function be exerted to a large extent. 

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