What are the elements of a high-quality connector

In machinery, the connector plays an important role. Although this part is small, it often plays a very important role. As an important part, the quality of the connector directly affects the safety performance and service life of the machine. When choosing connectors, users should know how to choose them and how to identify the quality of connectors. What are the elements of high quality connector

1. Pay attention to its environmental performance 

The connector must have good high and low temperature resistance, be able to work under high humidity, and be able to resist impact, extrusion and even vibration. The working situation of the connector is not fixed, and many devices have to work in special situations, so there are requirements for temperature.  

 2. In terms of earthquake resistance and impact resistance 

The high-quality connector has a very good anti-seismic effect. It can keep working normally when encountering some bad environment, and at the same time, it will not be damaged due to the huge impact and affect the mechanical work. 

High quality connector can ensure the normal use of mechanical equipment and the normal development of production. Through the above two factors, I believe we can choose a good connector. 

What are the requirements for high-quality car connectors? 

1. The connector contact material is stable and reliable;

2. The positive force is stable;

3. The voltage and current of the connecting circuit of the connector are stable;

4. The temperature shall be within the specified range, including the surrounding temperature and its own temperature rise;

5. Good robustness, automobile connector must be able to work reliably under bad conditions;

6. It must be the same as the connector used for high-speed long-distance communication computer;

7. Connector insertion force: below 20.5kg;

8. Connector retention: more than 2.5kg;

9. Temperature adaptability: - 40 ~ 120 ℃.

In the driving of the car, all parts of the car have to work, and all parts have to cooperate closely. In the cooperation of all parts of the car, the car connector plays a very important role. Whether it's a traditional car or a new energy car, in the automotive industry, connectors have always been valued by engineers. In some traffic accident analysis, it is found that many traffic accidents are caused by connector failure.

Therefore, the selection and design of the connector should be determined by the reliable performance of the product, not the blind design and production of the product. Choose high quality connector, welcome to contact Changjiang connectors.