Smart home appliances high-performance connector products and solutions

To the near future, home appliances will become more smarter, more efficient and more practical than ever before. Both air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and other large household appliances and components, or vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, rice cooker, dishwasher, power tool, security system, games, vending machine, garage door opener and other kinds of intelligent home appliances, CJT connector can provide you with reliable high-performance connectivity product and solution, help you to speed up the progress of product development and the end product to market quickly.


CJT connector can provide stable and reliable power connectors to all kinds of household electrical appliances and components, and other high current, high temperature and wire to board applications.

Double lock power connector

Triple lock power connector

Connectors that conform to RAST standards

Double lock power connector



1-12 pole wire to wire and wire to board

Various center line spacing

"Clicks" sound  when terminal fully inserted into the shell

The polarized ribs on the plug housing ensure correct insertion

Plug joint is compatible with resin or conformal paint

GWT test certified by UL, ROHS



The compact design prevents jamming when plug in. The plug and cap housing is fitted with double locking plates to ensure a firm loading and  prevent contact parts from dropping out.