RAST connectors

The RAST IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) connector system, including multifitting connectors, and MONO-SHAPE connectors,  is specially designed for safe and fast automatic productions. The normal crimping solutions, including product lines from RAST 5 standard timer connectors, Positive Lock RAST 5 connectors to FASTIN-FASTON tab housing, are easily applicable in manual productions. The innovative RAST connector series offers a full range of vertical and right-angle mating headers.
TE extends its PCB (printed circuit board) connector product family that meets RAST standard to further support most industrial and appliances safety standards. With an expanded portfolio that covers several sizes, colors, footprint layouts, and plating, TE's PCB connectors are particularly ideal for wire-to-board connections and control-units of major appliances and other applications.

A7921 series of Changjiang connectors can perfectly replace TE RAST 5.0

Applications:PC boards mating with wire harnesses of washing machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other major appliances
PCB connections in industrial applications
Motor connection interface