CJT connectors manufacturer analyzes how to select led connector

In some places, the air is also relatively humid, so when choosing led connector, we will consider the waterproof and moisture-proof function of LED connector, so how to choose a good waterproof LED connector? From what aspects? Changjiang connectors manufacturers will introduce in detail. At present, there are more and more types of LED waterproof connectors in the market, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, when hanging the LED waterproof connector, we generally consider from the following aspects:

First, first of all, to meet the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards, which is the basis of selection.

Second, we should not only look at the standards, but should go beyond the standards and pay attention to the situations encountered in practical application.

Because some standards used in the design and production of connectors in the LED industry are actually borrowed from other industries. Due to the relatively short application time of the industry, many provisions do not meet and meet the rapidly changing requirements of the LED industry. For example, the assessment of aging resistant materials is generally consistent with outdoor engineering use. However, how to define it depends on UL yellow card or test, Whether the service life of outdoor engineering is subject to the commercial contract of the project manufacturer or to a "technical service life" that can be recognized by everyone directly affects the selection and design of product materials, and also causes the variety of LED connector materials.

In addition, the requirements of some standard terms are relatively low, that is to say, the quality threshold is very low, which makes all kinds of family workshops can produce at will. Some test standards are tested in the "standard static environment". After engineering accidents, the connector is retested and found to be qualified according to the standard. Why? Because the standard is selected for laboratory tests The standard conditions and standard environment, but the application site environment is very different. For example, the requirements of the cable fixing head at the tail of the connector on the cable grip force and torque resistance. The standard only says that the tensile strength reaches 60N, and the torque resistance value is greater than 0.3n. M. however, the actual data may be far from the standard value, and the force is long-term Keep between the two connectors, after a long time of outdoor use, often resulting in the connector is not waterproof or poor contact and open circuit.

Third, look at the connector factory production quality control system.

It is easy for connector companies to provide a pair of connectors for testing, and they can also get good test scores. However, when you arrive at the factory, you will find that there is no inspection standard for raw materials, there is no necessary test link for finished products leaving the factory, and there are no procedures for the repair and detection of unqualified products. In other words, only 100% of the products are qualified, but not 1000% Thousands, thousands of qualified. In the long run, good quality system control is even the most important reference factor for lamp manufacturers to choose connector manufacturers, otherwise, it will be "small and lose big". Generally speaking, enterprises with large production scale and technical testing equipment have higher product quality control and stability.

Fourth, look at the structural principle design, structural design is very important.

If the principle design of waterproof and connection is more advanced, it will be better than others. If the outdated structural principle design is selected, even if the quality control in the production and manufacturing process is very good, the reliability and long-term outdoor weather resistance are not as reliable as those of the innovative generation.

Fifthly, the tolerance dimension control precision of the assembly parts.

Because connectors often involve connection, waterproof, male female contact and so on, they need to have high precision requirements on size. At first glance, the appearance and structure of high-end and low-end connectors are almost the same, which can't be compared with high-end or low-end connectors. However, if you spend some time and carefully measure the matching dimensions of many pairs of connectors with a caliper, you will find that the matching dimensions with poor quality will change greatly The stability of connection is not guaranteed, and the consistency of batch products is poor.