What is the development space of round Pin header needle?

Innovation of industrial production equipment, modernization of agricultural mechanization production equipment, advanced national defense products such as spacecrafts and rockets flying in space, the most important "thing" to connect the mechanical equipment of industry, agriculture, national defense and other industries is round hole needle arrangement. What is the future development of circular pin header in connector industry? Chang Jiang connectors will show you.
In daily life, some electronic products, digital products, mobile phones, computers, televisions and so on, all have primary centers, followed by the round hole pin header.
Each electronic product will not work without a round hole pin header. As far as its electronic products are concerned, the most superficial round hole pin header is not only the power connector, but also can be divided into: the simple charging line round hole pin arrangement is like the general power plug, and the USB round hole pin arrangement which can transmit signals and power supply is like the plug and play USB disk, mouse and headset
In terms of the internal structure of electronic products, the integrated circuit of the circuit board inside is quite messy, and the pin header with a round hole is indispensable in every link. The pin header with a round hole is the bridge connecting each component, one more is not allowed, one less is not allowed, and it needs to be designed reasonably and appropriately. It can be seen that the round hole pin header is the most important thing in the day. When you go out, you have to take your mobile phone with you. Now you can use the round hole pin header to connect with the mobile power supply and make your mobile phone never shut down. It's really a very convenient day for everyone. It improves the quality and efficiency of the day, and with the rapid development of skills, the more refined, the more refined, the more detailed It is becoming more and more convenient. For the round hole pin header on the outside of electronic products, such as USB data cable, the price is very low. A five meter long pin header costs less than 10 yuan. Its service life is not short. If it breaks down, replace it from the beginning. It is a consumable. For example, mobile phone charger, the connectors with round center ports on the outside can only be charged on the power socket. Through improvement in the future, it can be directly on the computer Connection or connection charging on some mobile devices, the function has been greatly improved. The wide application of the round hole pin header has led to the vigorous production of all walks of life.