The introduction of pin header of PCB

Pin header, a kind of connector. Pin header is generally widely used in PCB connection, with the name of universal connector. Generally, the female header connector, wire terminal and other connectors are paired with it. 

Pin header is widely used in PCB circuit board of electronics, electrical appliances and instruments. Its function is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and to take on the task of current or signal transmission. Generally, it is used together with the female header to form a board to board connection; or it is used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; it can also be used independently for the board to board connection. 

Due to the different specifications required by different products, pin header also has a variety of models and specifications, which are classified according to the pin header connector standard of the electronic industry: 

According to the spacing, it can be roughly divided into 3.96mm, 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm, 0.8mm, single row pin header, two row pin header, three row pin header, fourrow pin header, etc. according to the number of rows; according to the packaging rules, SMT (180°SMT / 90°SMT), dip (vertical wafer /Straight wafer), etc. 

At present, the main products are applicable to computers, electronic communications, instruments, meters, industrial control, program control, digital cameras, MP3, PDA, as well as all kinds of mobile storage disks, DVDs, LCM / LCD screens, electronic toys, etc. the board-to-board and line-to-board provide careful and reliable connection. The products are widely used in computer mainboard, various kinds of mobile storage disks, cordless phones, walkie talkies, video phones, program-controlled switches, vehicle systems, DVDs, LCM / LED display blocks, instruments and meters, electronic toys, medical equipment and photoelectric products and many other fields. 

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