Why board to board connectors need to be tested for salt spray

Board to board connectors need to be tested for salt spray. Why?CJT connectors manufacturers to you to analyze it!

Salt fog environment mainly refers to the medical device connector, electric vehicle connector and underwater application environment. Under normal circumstances, salt spray environment refers to the salt spray environment formed by 5% salt solution. Generally, the environment can be used to effectively evaluate the equipment or components directly exposed to salt and other environments. It is not a real environment, and the normal exposure time is between 24 hours and 48 hours. 

Salt spray test is usually used in underwater environment and is usually used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of metal connector shell (such as verifying the corrosion protection effect of nickel coating on the surface of zinc alloy die casting). The shell seal is effective by checking DWV and insulation resistance to confirm the performance of exposed parts. 

Salt spray test is sometimes used for the evaluation of automobile connectors. When the automobile or truck is walking, the position of these plate-to-plate connectors may contact with the splashing water on the ship, especially when it snows in the northern winter, salt will be applied on the road to accelerate the snow melting. In general, these connectors should be tested by salt spray to verify their corrosion resistance, and the verification standard is to check the reliability of contact resistance, rather than by checking the appearance. In many cases, these connectors should be used together with the sealing ring to improve its salt spray resistance. 

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