What should we pay attention to when choosing a good connector manufacturer

Connector is a kind of electronic component in great demand on electronic products. Nowadays, the consumer electronic products are increasing day by day, and the connector market prospect is promising. Therefore, tens of thousands of connector manufacturers have been born in China. Is it difficult for you to choose a supply partner among so many connector manufacturers? Although many domestic connector manufacturers have established their own brands, we still need to pay attention to the following knowledge if the product quality can meet our requirements.

From manufacturing to the birth of finished products, the connector manufacturer Changjiang connector's high-quality connector products will go through the following stages: material selection, stamping, electroplating, injection molding, assembly and testing.


1. Connector material

The quality is based on export and imported high-quality raw materials: CJT connectors products are made of international high-quality brass. High copper content, high hardness, less impurities, not easy to deform, smoother current signal transmission, lower signal loss rate.


2. Connector stamping

High speed stamping integrated molding, to ensure the quality of connector products: CJT connectors through large-scale high-speed stamping machine, the terminal integrated stamping molding, to ensure product quality, and screening out distortion, embrittlement, deformation products.


3. Connector plating

Plating process: the surface of CJT connectors are electroplated to ensure that the product passes the 24-hour salt spray test.


4. Connector injection

Precision injection molding process and precision injection molding ensure product life: CJT connectors molding line injection molding machine adopts imported high-performance plastic raw materials to ensure normal use in long-term high-temperature state, excellent electrical insulation, export standard level injection molding process to ensure the service life of connector products.


5. Connector assembly

Excellent quality: manual and machine assembly of various accessories to remove defective products. The control of product surface effect not only reflects strict technical standards, but also reflects CJT connectors manufacturer's belief in the pursuit of good quality products.


6. Connector test

According to international standards, strict quality inspection and testing: far higher than international standards, strict testing procedures, quality inspection personnel inspect one by one, and pass salt spray test box, high temperature test, without leaving any defects.


To choose a good connector manufacturer, first of all, we need to know the scale of the company and whether the capacity supply can meet the product demand of customers. Then it is necessary to know the price of connector products and materials in the market to analyze whether it is reasonable. If the ordered products, it is necessary to ensure whether the after-sales service is guaranteed. For the quality of connector products, we can understand the quality of products from manufacturing to the birth process of finished products.