How CJT A2550 membrane switch connector can improve product quality

1. Overall flatness: each PIN terminal is on a same horizontal surface, which will not be uneven. Only in this way the quality of rivet piercing process be high,  automatic terminal machine be used for processing.

2. Finishing: each PIN terminal has a high intuitive finishing with bright looking. Only that the insertion force in use be stable and reliable after processing.

3. Material hardness :CJT products use the best  raw materials from qualified manufacturers, pin terminal hardness is higher than other domestic terminals. Only such terminals can reach to international standard in drawing force, and can be suitable for thick mylar processing.

4. Electroplating :CJT terminal surface plating is  1u "of nickel under plating and  2.5u" of tin surface tin plating, this is the international standard. However, the domestic 2u" is not in compliance. CJT terminal  plating in this way is without peeling, long service life, rust resist and corrosion resist.

5. Riveting needle edge is neat without burr, angle is constant: Only in processing that all pierce through the mylar type membrane swich with result of  beautiful look and excellent to electrical performance.

6. Design: High precision mold design to guarantee the terminal performance meet international standards, in terms of domestic product with similar appearance but the details are not professional, so they cannot achieve  international standard. Conclusion: compared with domestic same products CJT terminal in corrosion resistance, life cycle, pulling force , processing and assembling performs a dominant advantage.