What is the function of SMT connector

There are many kinds of connectors, according to the shape classification, according to the contact termination form classification, according to the connection way classification. ChangJiang connectors is classified according to board to board connectors (B to B), wire to board connectors (w to b) and wire to wire connectors (w to w).


SMT connector is divided into Surface Mount and Surface Mount Right Angle connectors. Generally, the components are assembled on the surface without pins or short leads. It is necessary to print solder paste on the circuit board first, then mount them by the SMT machine, and then fix the components by reflow soldering. Dip welding is a kind of direct plug-in packaging device, which is fixed by wave soldering or manual welding.


How many degrees can patch connector reach? What are the characteristics of the components of patch connector


The temperature of the chip connector is over 260℃for 3-5s. The components of SMT connector: plastic parts and pin pins. The material of plastic parts is generally PA6T and PA9T, both of which are high temperature resistant. Patch connectors are generally used in highway cameras, three-dimensional DC fans, intelligent electronics, air conditioning, high-definition LCD TV, notebook computers and other fields. The materials of pin are generally brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, etc. The coating is generally gold-plated (semi gold) or tin-plated, etc. The coating function of pin pin pin is to resist oxidation, improve conductivity and improve signal transmission speed.


In fact, surface mount technology has been used by some manufacturers since the 1950s. As it is found that the patch technology can improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost for the manufacturers, it can also reduce the area of the board, improve the design flexibility and other characteristics, so that the patch connector is widely used. Due to the technical difficulties faced by SMT connector and the failure to detect SMT connector, the area of the board can be effectively saved.