We learn about the specification hierarchy of connectors

New product structure and application fields are emerging, and it is difficult to solve the problem of connector classification and naming with a fixed pattern. In order to better divide the structure diversity of connector products, some basic connector classifications are still effective. The following is CJT connectors, a connector manufacturer, to explain how to divide the interconnection level and specification level of connectors;

I Interconnection level of connector

According to the function of internal and external connection of electronic equipment, the connector products can be divided into the following five levels:

1. Internal connection of chip package.

2. Connection between IC package pin and PCB. Typical connector IC socket.

3. Connection of base plate and base plate. Typical connectors are cabinet type.

4. Connection between equipment. The typical product is circular connector.

5. Connection between printed circuit and conductor or printed board. A typical connector is a printed circuit connector.

There are some overlaps between Level 3 and level 5 explained above. Among the five level connector products, the products with the highest market volume are level 4 and level 5 products, while the products with the fastest growth are level 5 products.


II Specification level of connector

According to the classification of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), connectors belong to electromechanical components for electronic equipment, with four levels of specifications (variant):

1. Family example: connector.

2. Sub family example: circular connector.

3. Type example: Yb round connector.

4. Type: yb3470.


After years of development in connector industry, many new connector products have been born. In the past 20 years of ChangJiang connectors development, CJT has been accumulating experience and learning from international brands, such as Molex connector, JST connector, TE / Tyco connector, etc., so as to understand connector information. "Continuous innovation and surpassing peers" has always been CJT connectors mission.