How to deal with connectors in different environments

Connectors are widely used in various fields. Although connectors can be applied according to different performance and types, we will encounter the impact of environmental factors in the use of connectors, such as the contact problem of connectors in humid environment, the problem of over high temperature, etc., so how can we deal with it?

1、 How to deal with connector in humid environment

The impact of connector used in humid environment is also very large, it is easy to cause short circuit, current and other problems. In this case, the connector and other components must be strictly sealed to ensure safety.

2、 How to deal with connector in over or under temperature environment

The application environment temperature of the connector should be kept in a proper range, because too high a temperature will damage the components, and too low a temperature will affect the function of the connector, and even lead to cracks in the external insulation system, which will cause some unnecessary losses. The key point is that it will directly affect the efficiency of the work, so the appropriate temperature environment is very important.

3、 How to deal with connector in thin air environment

When the connector is used in the thin air environment, it is easy to contact the polluted gas, which leads to the generation of corona, the degradation of withstand voltage, the short circuit of circuit and the deterioration of plastic performance. So in this case, when using unsealed connector, it is the most scientific way to reduce the rating, maintain it, improve the efficiency and prolong the service life.

4、 How to deal with connector in corrosive environment

The use of connector in corrosive environment is a problem that must be paid attention to. If the connector has no anticorrosive metal surface, it will cause rapid degradation of performance, and may also cause serious accident problems. Therefore, it is the key to deal with the corrosion resistance of the insulating layer of the connector. It is the premise and guarantee to understand that production safety is the first, to ensure the safety of production and to provide a good use environment for the connector.

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