Parameter explanation of PH connectors

PH connector is the abbreviation from the model of JST connector manufacturer. CJT connectors is the basic information of PH series connector. The material number of PH connector ChangJiang connectors is A2001, which consists of Housing, wafer and terminal. There are two types of Wafer, one is the insert plate (DIP) and the other is the paste plate (SMT). Insert plate (DIP type) is divided into straight needle (180 degrees) and rightangle (90 degrees). SMT is divided into rightangle (90 degrees) and vertical (180 degrees). 

PH connector product parameters: 

Rated voltage: 100V AC, DC working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃ 

Rated current: 2A AC, DC insulation resistance: 1000m Ω min 

Withstand voltage: 800V AC / minute contact resistance: 10M Ω max 

PH connector is widely used in LED light strip, such as home decoration, automobile field, lighting field, etc. when LED light strip is used, it has not only long life, convenient installation, safety and reliability, but also health, green and environmental protection. So LED light bar has become the mainstream today. Of course, these can not be separated from the connector on the LED PCB board.