First of all, in terms of the mechanical performance of the connector, it's better to master this point. We can operate and demonstrate it in person, especially the performance of the pulling force. We can know its effect through actual operation. The pulling force must be larger, so as to ensure the contact stability, but it won't affect the normal working force when the external force is small On the contrary, the easier and more convenient it is, the better. If you can, dial and plug once to see whether the joint is tight after installation, especially the performance of the connection. This is an important constant standard for the use performance of electronic equipment source parts.

The electrical performance of the connector mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance and useful electric strength. The contact resistance is its main working index, which is determined by the instruction manual. The insulation resistance mainly refers to its external safety performance, that is, its insulation performance. Because the electronic performance is its main functional function, it is particularly critical, and it is also determining the use The security aspect also plays a very important role, so we must attach great importance to it. Sometimes we can refer to the manual and the certification of the authority, so that we can know it. To ensure safe use and ease of use is the top priority in the selection of connectors and connectors.

Besides, the environmental performance of connectors. Now there are many applications of electronic equipment in various environments, so the connectors that can adapt to various environments are also in great need. However, how to ensure that the connectors with strong adaptability to the environment, especially the connectors with specific purpose, must be selected according to the actual situation, among which the more common ones are temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt resistance and corrosion resistance For corrosion and other situations, these connectors with special functions can only pass the inspection by the state special organ, and the selection depends on the identification, which is relatively safe. If the connectors that do not adapt to the environment are not used in the harsh environment, it will cause potential safety hazards.

Aviation plug is particularly important in special application environment such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is an important index to test the mechanical structure of electrical connector and the reliability of electrical contact. There are clear provisions in relevant test methods. The peak acceleration, duration and impulse waveform as well as the interruption time of electrical continuity shall be specified in the impact test. Other environmental performance according to the use requirements, the other environmental performance of the electrical connector are airtightness (air leakage, liquid pressure), liquid immersion (resistance to certain liquids), low air pressure, etc.